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Training Schedules with Evo Tri Club

Regular training sessions sit at the heart of enjoying your triathlon and our aim is to make your training as successful, effective and fun as possible by providing access to our club coaches and training sessions.

As a BTF affiliated club, along with our own BTF qualified coaches we are able to call on the top BTF coaches and staff to help you in your training.

The Evolution Triathlon Club training offer a range of sessions as part of Tri Basics. These are all included in your monthly fee unless otherwise stated. Our heavily subsidised open water lake swim sessions make the membership worth it alone.

IRONMAN Training

Want to go all the way and join that crowd of awesome athletes who are IRONMAN. Evo Tri Club is part of the IRONMAN TriClub Program.  Find out more

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Day Session Location Time
Monday (eve) Open air pool (33m) swim coaching Wycombe Rye Lido 7.30pm**
Monday (eve) Brick - Bike/Run (Spin) Windsor Leisure Centre 8pm
Tuesday (eve) Run Session Wycombe Rye Lido 7.00pm
Tuesday (eve) Strength & Conditioning The Centre, Slough 8.00pm
Wednesday (morn) Spin Windsor Leisure Centre 7.00am
Wednesday (eve) Track Run Session Thames Valley Athletic Centre 7.00pm
Wednesday (eve) Spin / run Brick Session The Marlow Club 7.10-8.00pm
Wednesday (eve) Coached Pool Swim (beginners & improvers)** Windsor Leisure Centre 7.30pm
Wednesday (eve) Coached Pool Swim (intermediate & advanced)** Windsor Leisure Centre 8.30pm
Thursday (eve) Open air pool swim coaching Wycombe Rye Lido 7.30pm
Thursday (eve) Yoga for athletes The Centre, Slough 8.15pm
Friday (eve) Spin The Marlow Club 6.30-7.30pm
Friday (eve) Yoga for athletes/stretch The Marlow Club 7.30-8.15pm
Friday (eve) Spin Windsor Leisure Centre 7.30pm
Saturday (morn) Park Run Wycombe Rye 9.00am
Sunday (morn) Group Bike Ride (bronze, silver and gold) Cinnamon Cafe, Windsor Depart 9.00am

**beginners and advanced sessions swapped around every 3 months

Download the current training schedule below.

Current Sessions

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Kevin Wallace - Triathlon and Open Water Swimming Coach

Kevin is passionate about open water swimming and brings lots of experience, knowledge and insight into swimming in the great outdoors! He regularly coaches people that are new to the open water. After a session with Kevin you will feel more confident in the water – he is encouraging, will not let you give up and will help you achieve your swim goals whilst ensuring you have a fun and enjoyable session.

Kevin is Chairman of a British Triathlon Tri club and has helped many athletes improve and achieve personal bests. With regular newcomers to sport coming his way, he has a knack of making people calm and confident. With open water swimming being one of the most feared of disciplines he is certainly a coach that can help you on your way!

He will help you practice all the essential skills to enhance your swimming including breathing techniques, sighting and navigation. He can calm down the most anxious of swimmers and make sure they are relaxed and ready to enjoy what the lake has to offer!

Kevin as an experienced Triathlon Coach, can help you to improve in each discipline. His triathlon coaching can help you to:

  • Gain confidence and improve your open water swimming
  • Master quick transitions
  • Smash it” on the bike and run
  • Learn about recovery and nutrition
  • Get kit advice – what do you really need?
  • Develop training plans
  • Receive first timer/novice help
  • Learn to use cleat/clip on bike shoes with confidence

Victoria Barber - British Triathlon Coach & NOWCA STA Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coach

Victoria (V) is completely bonkers about sport and fitness! She graduated in 1997 with a degree in Sports Science and Business Studies from Manchester Metropolitan University. Having started out as a county/ club swimmer, over the past 13 years she’s discovered a particular passion for open water swimming and regularly competes in open water swim races. V loves triathlons and has been competing in varying distances since 2008.

Victoria is a fully qualified British Triathlon Coach. She coaches our junior squads and is present at most of the sessions because, not only does she love coaching the kids, she has three children of her own that are part of the club. She also coaches novice and intermediate swimmers, training athletes to compete in various events.

V is a regular of the Henley Swim events including the challenging Henley swim marathon! She is also a founder member of the (chilly!) Marlow New Year’s day Thames Swim

Victoria Barber - British Triathlon Coach & NOWCA STA Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coach

Mick Cronin - Ironman Coach

Mick has been a competitive sportsman all his life and started triathlon in 2012 when he retired from full time employment as a Counter Terrorist Detective to concentrated on Ironman events. He has trained and raced with European and World class athletes over numerous distances but found he loved the long course. In the last 5 years he has raced 3 full distances Ironman and 7 half distance Ironman.  Having completed his Certified Ironman Coaching qualifications in January 2018 he soon started coaching a young athlete who had never completed a triathlon. After 6 months 1-1 training this young athlete won his age group at Ironman Vichy and qualified for the worlds at Kona 2019. He loves the challenges of coaching and is extremely proud when his athletes achieve and even surpass their goals. He knows he could help you to do the same.

His approach?

He is extremely thorough in planning and preparation for any race and knows the smallest details can make the biggest difference. He believes the most important element of coaching is a trusting relation with the athlete. He makes himself available whenever an athlete needs help or advice. He will wherever possible train with his athletes and always gives swift and accurate feedback to remote training sessions and data.

He does emphasize that the proper balance of training is as critical as the training itself and will always adapt sessions to accommodate people’s busy family and work schedules.

He likes to thoroughly test an athletes ability levels at regular intervals to establish accurate heart rate zones.  He prefer heart rate zones as they reflect how the body is feeling and coping under stress.

He knows how important humour is within such a disciplined sport and how and when to use it. We all need to laugh even on our darkest days, right ?



Mick Cronin - British Triathlon Coach & Open Water Swim Coach

Richard Kinnersley - British Triathlon Coach

Richard has a passion for taking part in competitive sport and the energy he puts towards his own goals and ambitions is passed onto the athletes he coaches. It started with cross-country running where he represented Berkshire at numerous county and national events. He has held County Championship titles over many years both on the track and cross-country.

In 2013 when the World ITU Triathlon Grand Final was in London, qualifying to represent Team GBR, he raced the Aquathlon, coming 19th in the world. This opened the doors to future possibilities. His most recent sporting achievement was winning the 30-34 age group at the 2015 AJBell London Triathlon.

As an established GB Age Group triathlete he represents GBR at European and World championships annually.

Rich coaches both our junior and adult squads, and joins the Evo coachng team in Lanzarote for our regular overseas training camps.

Giorgio Vittori - Open Water Swim Coach & British Triathlon Coach

Fresh from Italy, Giorgio, our crazy Italian, has a real zest for life! He loves all things swimming and loves to pass on lots of skills and knowledge that he has built up training the Italian squads. 

He is swim coach at Evo Tri Club where he coaches both the juniors and the adults, improving technique, speed and efficiency. Giorgio is also head swim coach at the overseas training camps in Lanzarote.


  • Open Water Swimming Coach
  • Level 2 British Triathlon Coach
  • Leader In Running Fitness Instructor (GB Athletics)
  • Indoor Cycling Instructor (Spinning)
  • Pool Life Guard and Swim Coach
Giorgio Vittori - British Triathlon Coach

Mark Hyde - Evo Cycling Coach

A semi professional career as a goalkeeper with a raft of local teams underpins Marks sporting achievements from the earlier part of his life and helped to develop his strong work ethic and mental discipline.

The perfect ingredients to go on and qualify for 7 Triathlon World Championships including Edmonton, Cancun and Hawaii as well as representing Great Britain! For Mark, triathlon offers a total physical challenge which brings fulfilment and satisfaction (also the opportunity to show off his all year tan in lycra) as well as that adrenaline buzz that lasts and lasts!

He brings that commitment, energy and enthusiasm into the training sessions and as a cycling coach his style has a team focus... that might sound odd for something that is an individual sport but Mark believes that in training when we all pull together and support each other as part of a team then we build our own individual capabilities even more.

Despite the strong work ethic (or perhaps because of it) Mark is equally committed to having a laugh, enjoying good food and the 'occasional' beer and has been known to come first in a triathlon after some serious nights out!

Peter Huber - Evo Swimming Coach

Started swimming when I was 4 years old, and quickly started competing and by the time I was 11 years old I had it to the Junior South African team.

I turned professional at 14 years old. Was aiming to go to the Olympics at 15 years old, but had no money at the time.

Carried on with the swimming until I went to uni when I then started to combine running and cycling to end triathlons. I came to England in 2009 and started competing and winning a few medals and trophies.

Alan Ellis - Evo Swimming Coach

From swimming the Channel to completing your first length in the pool, Alan coaches people at all levels. He has been an integral part of the club since it first started and continues to build swimmer's confidence and ability.

With 30 years of coaching experience, Alan definitely has what it takes to improve your swimming.

Sean Hayhow - Open Water Swimming Coach

It all started with him looking in the mirror in 1992 and thinking what a chubbsta! Now 16 years later he has been competing in the sport of Triathlon racing all over the world and meeting fantastic inspirational people.

The sport has taken him to amazing highs from his very first 'Try a Tri' to the Ironman. In those 16 years he has competed in 14 Ironman and Long Distance events, 16 Half Ironman, 5 Powerman Duathlons and 100's of triathlon culminating in representing Great Britain in 7 world and European Championships with a 4th place finish being his best placing.

His inspiration was to see a disabled athlete from America called Randy Cadell who hand powered his way around the entire Lanzarote Ironman course... for him this was amazing and made him feel as an able body athlete very humble... so he does this so he can meet and be inspired by these kind of people.

He wants to be able to pass on all his years of knowledge and help inspire those that may one day get the same feelings out of the sport that he has.

Video swim analysis, stroke correction, transistion training, training programmes as well as running and cycling coaching can be tailored to your individual needs - contact Kevin Wallace, Evolution Coaching on 0778 099 4772 or email