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Evotri Club is a dynamic, friendly and succesful triathlon club.  We will share our member's successes, as well details of forthcoming events, interesting articles and any other snippets of news.

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The Evo Tri Coaches fully support youngsters who want to get involved in triathlon. And check this out... the Junior Club can now be found on

Evo Does Triathlon

Here is the video capturing your amazing achievements through this year. A massive well done to every one of you, you are all awesome!

On behalf of our members, we would like to say a huge thank you to Kevin Wallace, el Captain, for everything he does for the club. His continued support, passion, and commitment, is what makes the club so successful, and without him, none of it would be possible. Evo is not just a club, it’s a family. Kevin has created an environment where members not only train and race together, they encourage and inspire each other, and have fun along the way. The video captures only a tiny part of the amazing memories that are being made.

2018 has been a truly epic year, and we can’t wait to see how much bigger and better 2019 is going to be!


Your Goals, Your Challenges, Your Successes

What a Summer the Club has had so far! Whilst we watch inspiring pictures from many of the coaches off around the world and riding up big mountains, there has also been incredible racing from across the Club. It is just so amazingly uplifting to see people from the Club who have worked so hard, for so long, on their training - now out there and bossing it in races. The amount of care, time and support from the Evo Coaches that goes into helping people achieve their dreams, on top of the logistics of the day-to-day running of the Club with a very full schedule is very much appreciated. #simplythebest #bekind


Rhiannon Northeast was in LA riding with Jensen Button – apparently it was to launch a new clothing range, but we still think that the Evo kit that Rhiannon was wearing is the best!


Vanessa Furden raced World Championships for Long Distance in Fyn, Denmark. Luckily her parents managed to beat the RyanAir pilots’ strike to be there to support her. She battled jellyfish in the swim, took a tumble on the bike course (but wants everyone to know that the bike is OK!) and came back slightly deaf from the support running round the Odense with an epic 8th in age the WORLD! We salute you! (Oh and she managed to get the GBR suit altered to fit, just in time before she left – thank you to Kev for the support on this)

Lindsay Hobson and Rich Kinnersley in the European Championships for Olympic Distance in Tartu, Estonia. This was Lindsay’s first time in a GB suit and said that it was a sharp learning curve. But in spite of picking up a 2 minute penalty on the bike, she finished 9th in her age group. Just brilliant! Rich thought that this was his 7th trip to the European championships and was pleased with his race and 7th in age group. They both said that Estonia was a gorgeous place and would go back – especially to Talinn.

Lindsay and Izzy Rayner travel to Glasgow for the European Championships for Sprint Distance next weekend and we all wish them the very best of luck.
Looking ahead to next year Lindsay, Alyse Graham and Izzy Rayner have all qualified for the European Championships in Russia next year after racing the qualifying event at Worthing with some amazing times and winning their age groups – wow!


Triathlon is not all about going long (whatever people with Ironman tattoos tell you!), but what an inspiration our long distance racers were in July. At the end of July most of Marlow and Windsor ground to a halt for Evo people staring at their phones and iPads to watch the trackers and try to visualise what that meant out on the course.

One of the hardest things is that no race day ever goes quite to plan – and IM Bolton had to get used to the bike being shortened to 95 miles, due to the terrible fires on Saddleworth Moor and Hamburg had to cope with algae leading to the swim being substituted with a 6km run start. At Outlaw the swim changed from an out and back to 3 laps and a lot more congestion. We are glad when organisers take the health and safety of everyone to seriously and accept that we have to build our resilience to these things too.

There is something very special about completing your first ever Ironman triathlon. There have been a team working hard since last autumn to make this a reality. We salute you all! At IM Hamburg, Rachael Davies posted an incredible 10:59:10, Soyen Adams 12:20:24 and Nikki Lansley 13:20:23. Jean Underwood only realised at the end of the Baltic conditions in Nottingham for the Outlaw that she just wanted to do a marathon (you can drop the 2.4 mile swim and 112 miles on the bike next time Jean!), finishing the whole thing in 14:02:29 and 8th in age group! Phil Downes posted 16:15:41 at IM Bolton. They all had nothing but thanks for coach Seb Thies who was even encouraging them all during his own race, completing in 10:43:22
Paul Aberson was the first Evo home in Hamburg in an amazing 10:05:40. Christie Tilley completed her second Ironman of the year in 11:29:30, after the totally exhausting Lanzarote course just a few months ago. Chapeau! Alan Owen joked that a wheelchair would be needed for the return home after he nursed his injuries around the course for yet another IM finish in 12:17:53. Pete O’Malley finished in 10:37:24. Jo Josey finished in 12:34:44, whilst sadly Alan Josey found that his legs did not play after the initial run and ended up in the sweep vehicle during the bike leg. Bradley Taylor succumbed to stomach issues in the run, but said that he felt better after withdrawing and throwing up the contents of his stomach #hardday

In Zurich Stephan Van Brummelen re-earned his nickname of "The Machine" finishing IM Switzerland in 9:42:46.

The rain in Nottingham was definitely such a factor - Paul Solbe battled through in 13:06:08 and Russell Quelch in 13:29:11, but sadly David Alderson’s Di2 shifters did not like the rain overnight in transition and in spite of a kind micro-charge from another competitor in the morning, riding the bike in just one gear was all too much. But it is clear that David will be back!

In Bolton Michael Shephard smashed the course in 9:37:55 and Mark Duckworth and Emma Willmott both seemed delighted with their finishes of 14:16:41 and 16:08:37 respectively,

There were about 7 club members in Tenby for the Long Course Weekend. Stuart Novell finished all 3 events – looking good in Evo colours! And Alan Owen used it as Hamburg preparation doing the swim and half of the bike course on a beautiful weekend.

Holkham Half was also July – but I was a little late with the June newsletter – so I will not repeat it all again (except to say very well done to everyone on such a hot day!) Alice Hector also had a very hard day at IM 70.3 Jonkoping.


The Club turned out in style for Bab’s first tri and her birthday at Dorney. Babs had learned to ride a bike specially to do this and was cheered at every stage by both Evo and Datchet Dashers. She completed the super-sprint course in 1:28:49. Totally brilliant and inspiring. #welldoneBabs Well done to all the others racing Dorney – there was lots of emotion from all. Simon Cooper summed it up with ‘Just wanted to say how amazing it was at Dorney today. I really felt the love from everyone, what an awesome turnout. Everyone should be so proud to be a part of an amazing club. Sorry – too manay amazings!!’

Many Club members raced the Fugitive in Marlow. Laura Witherspoon looked strong and delighted after finishing her first ever sprint triathlon. Many other club members braved a soggy day to do various distances #goodeffort. Jordan Matthews is picking herself up after losing her pump, getting a puncture and then suffering a chilling wait in the rain. Ouch!

So lovely to see podiums – Gold for Ellie Straughan for the AquaBike, Silver for Colette O’Neill and Bronze for Richie Horler for the sprint triathlon. Mark Hyde took gold in the Cotswold AquaBike. Big congratulations to Colette getting back to racing again; we were worried about your sit in the ambulance after your first tri back at the FixadddictionTri at Dorney earlier in the month #comebackkid

Pablo Marcos reminded us of the spirit of sport after withdrawing himself from the Thorpe Park triathlon after a misinterpreted marshal signal cut a lot off the bike course for him. Meanwhile Amanda Keene and Lucy Morris completed the full course as a builder towards the Cotswolds 70.3 this coming weekend.


The weather for the Prudential Ride London 100 was just horrible with constant wind and rain, but lots of Evo riders finished. Simon Cooper still had his trademark broad smile by the end. Hannah Wilcox wins the ‘best bike fix ever’ award for tying an inner tube in a figure of 8 shape around the saddle to keep it in place after losing a bolt (who touched the bike last…Ben?!)

At least six members rode the challenging Chiltern 100 – plenty of hill climbing in the glorious sunshine.Oliv Sal and Andrew Stallion climbed every hill in Surrey (at least once) in the Great Gran Fondo – good work guys.


Tim Price and Wendy Butler flew the Evo flag at the 10K Twilight Run – with Tim dipping under 45 mins. Great run!


Alan Josey is organising a sea swim on Eastney Beach, Southsea on 4th August (this Saturday!) – sign up on Gym Sync. The weather looks back to its gorgeous self.

Drinks to celebrate Phil’s birthday and Ironman finishes at the King and Castle in Windsor at 7:30pm on Friday 10th August – all welcome.

And do come down to Bray Lake – the temperature has been easily no wetsuit for the last few weeks and there is always a good crowd there for a coffee on a Tuesday night, whether you want to do the structured training session or not.


Best of luck to everyone racing at the Cotswold Classic 70.3 and London Triathlon this weekend. We have people in all distances at London, including relay teams. Have a great time!

Phil Downes is organising our teams for the National Relays in Nottingham over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Everyone who did it last year had a brilliant time, and if you watched the TV coverage of the ITU racing, you will know how exciting this short format is.

Colette O’Neill is asking whether anyone is interested in Challenge Roth 2019 – renowned as the faster long distance course in the world. And Rob Novell points out that there are still 90 places for Ironman Wales this September for anyone who wants to join in! Amy Kerman has already signed up for Ironman Bolton next year – so others welcome to join!

Frances Kelland has decided to do her first triathlon next spring and is asking is anyone else wants to join her in the first timers group.

Jonny Patten is doing some swim-run events and welcomes others to join him: ‘Storm the Lakes’ in Herts on 15th Sept and ‘River Dart SwimRun Half Marathon’ in Devon on 22nd Sept.

We had a great Evo turnout for the British Beer Run in Windsor last year and it is back this year – Sat 13th October and ready for entries!


Please forgive us if we forgot anyone, let us know your stories and we will mention them in our next update and give the famous Evo high five to all.

Better Booking Solution

Over the last few months, more and more of you have been taking advantage of the online booking we were offering via SmoothBooks which was a great transition system for the Club.  However, we have now found what we believe is a much better platform, so we are now in the process of updating our online booking option further and as such we are now asking you to sign up to classes via GymSync.

As with the previous system you will need to register, then after that its simply a case of clicking on those Evo sessions you want to attend.

On our Coaching page you will see details of the sessions being run on each day, as well as the schedule for the full week.  The Book Now! button will take you to our new online booking system quickly and easily.

Who's in?

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Be Inspired and Save the Date!

This year's training camp in Lanzarote was simply EPIC!  And as a result of the success we are getting seriously organised...we have already booked some luxury Sea View Suites for our next training camp in Spring 2018.

The first week will incorporate the Volcano Triathlon, which Evo's Alice Hector has won for the past TWO years (plus the Evo girls WON the team event in 2017)

  • Week one 23rd April - 30th April 2018
  • Week two 30th April - 7th May 2018

Both weeks are suitable for all abilities, as we group participants together accordingly.  The camp can be a whole week, long weekend, 10 days or even two weeks! We are flexible and can cater accordingly to the length of your stay.

See below a taster of the training camp by clicking the video. If you are interested in coming, call Kevin oon on 077780 994772  so we can get you all the details.

It will probably be one of the best things in regards to training you will have ever done!!

Thanks to Tom Cullingham for putting the video together and doing hours of editing !

Check out our latest video to help inspire you... and then sign up!

Get Inspired - Training Camp 2017

We are doing it again this April/May, come and join us on our next exciting Training Camp to Lanzarote.  Our amazing coaching will take you on a journey to help you achieve your triathlon goals.  Sign up to Week One or Two or both (!) and before you know it, you will improve your swimming, cycling and running! And all this whilst enjoying the sun and warm climes of Lanzarote, the perfect venue to take your training to the next level.

Details of the trip can be found in the Download below or by contacting Kevin Wallace on 077780 994772. 

Lanzarote Training Camp 2017

Check out our latest video to help inspire you... and then sign up!


Triathlon Hub

What is the Triathlon Hub?  Set up by the Evo Crew, the Hub is a Facebook page where you can ask questions, share knowledge, meet training buddies, get involved and, most of all, have fun!  This is a high performance, fitness and triathlon hub and we look forward to sharing in your triathlon journey.

Like Evolution Triathlon Hub

Lanzarote Training Camp 2016

We are super excited about our forthcoming Training Camp to Lanzarote in April/May this year.  Sign up to Week One or Two or both (!) and let our amazing coaches take you on a journey towards achieving your triathlon goals. Improve your swimming, cycling and running whilst enjoying the sun and warm climes of Lanzarote, the perfect venue to take your training to the next level.

Details of the trip can be found in the Download below or by contacting Kevin Wallace on 077780 994772. 

Lanzarote Training Camp 2016

To help get you in the mood enjoy our video of a recent trip to Lanzarote and get a flavour of what our Training Camp could offer you.

Uber Garmin Watch Face

Evo Garmin FaceThose of you with a Garmin device can now make it uber cool with a funky new watch face with the Evo logo on!

Black background with the red and white E.

Classy and sporty!!

It's free but we would like you to donate something to the developer for your download ... A beer perhaps?

Download Face

Autumn Ride 2015

At weekends throughout the year, weather permitting, we regularly head out for rides of between 35 and 50 miles. When the group is smaller we combine our Bronze and Silver groups and simply mix it up - Evo Style!