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School Triathlon Club

We are passionate about helping schools bring to life triathlon for their pupils.

There's no doubt London 2012 and Rio 2016 had a significant impact on the uptake of triathlon. The Brownlee Brothers were, and still are, a huge talking point for many, with children quoting their performance as they were inspired to sign up for their triathlon.

Whilst triathlon is currently the fastest growing sport in the world, it can be daunting for some, particularly if you are in a role of responsibility, not familiar with the sport or how to introduce it to children. It’s actually quite an accessible sport (although it can sound elite), made up of three activities that many families enjoy together at a weekend; a swim, a bike ride and a run around the playing fields.

Whether your child is an accomplished runner, cyclist or swimmer or they fancy giving something new a go... Triathlon is a fantastic sport that will push your child in a friendly, competitive environmnet. Triathlon appeals to both girls and boys of all ages and is suitable for kids of all abilities.

With our School Triathlon programme, we will help you achieve:

  • Excite and unite your pupils with new contemporary PE activities
  • Raises the schools profile in the local media and with future parents
  • Provide a new fundraising platform for the school or associated good cause
  • Fresh curriculum linked material helping continue the Olympic Legacy

An Evo tri course will make your child fitter and healthier whatever their level of ability. We tailor our training and coaching sessions to your child's needs and to make sure they get the most out of their experience.

"Triathlon is a fantastic individual sport. It teaches the values of hard work, and persistence - and its fun!"

Tri involves swimming, cycling, running and the 4th discipline - transistion (how to move quickly from one discipline to another - against the clock!).

They'll learning running technique and how to ride a bike safely and quickly, including how to use gears correctly, mounting and dismounting at speed.

In the pool, we will help you improve your child's technique to make them a more proficient swimmer.

I'm in! What's the plan?

Junior CyclingEvo Schools Tri Club will run an exciting 6 week programme, led by British Triathlon qualified club coaches at the participating school.

Bike and run will take place on school grounds and swimming sessions will be in a heated pool or in open water when the weather permits.  All that is needed is a pair of trainings, swimwear and a roadworthy bike to take a part.

If your child doesn't have a wet suit, you can hire one from us for a small fee.

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Video swim analysis, stroke correction, transistion training, training programmes as well as running and cycling coaching can be tailored to your individual needs - contact Kevin Wallace, Evolution Coaching on 0778 099 4772 or email